Play and Earn: Gaming our way through quarantine!

Many of us have been exploring new creative ways to stay busy, productive and entertained at home during these unprecedented times. Gaming is no exception! Whether you’re a hardcore gamer, recently discovered it or just like playing socially, it’s a fun escape from today’s stresses – plus you can earn while you play!


Video games are booming right now! Strategy games are a favourite of ours, as they bring interesting storylines to life with problem-solving challenges and often built-in social connections. Like everything, you need a balance, but it’s good to find some fun amidst all that’s going on in the world right now!

Need some mobile game recs? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!


What’s more, at Swagbucks not only can you play fun games, but you can also earn SB while playing! Mobile gaming is extra convenient as you play it on your phone on the go, without needing a console/PC! We have loads of gaming offers live for you to enjoy, so check out our round-up of our top mobile games!

Launch yourself into epic worlds, reach required levels and earn up to 4,838 SB!

Ready to start playing and earning? GAME ON!

King of AvalonEarn 4,838 SB
Install, open app + complete Stronghold Level 18 to earn!*
Rise of KingdomsEarn 4,000 SB
Install + achieve level 17 to earn 4,000 SB*!
Forge of EmpiresEarn 500 SB
Install + reach the Iron Age level to earn!*
ElvenarEarn 150 SB
Install + reach Magical Academy level to earn!*
State of SurvivalEarn 2,500 SB
Complete Headquarters 25 to earn!*
Game of KingsEarn 1,071 SB
Install, open app + build a Stronghold to level 22 within 25 days!*

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Now it’s game time! Which are your favourite mobile games right now? Tell us in the comments!