DIY of the Week: Personalized Candy Box

This week’s DIY is so simple yet will surely make your Valentine smile! Instead of a classic box of chocolates, this personalized candy box from MamaMiss allows you to create a custom mix of your Valentine’s favorite candies! They won’t be sorting through this box to find their favorite candy because it’s all in there! You could also do this with snacks if candy isn’t their thing! It looks especially great when you stick to a color theme but there’s really no wrong way to do it. Here’s how it’s done. 


  • A small craft box with compartments. This one from Michael’s is only $3.49.
  • Enough candy to fill the compartments.
  • Ribbon
  • Cardboard rectangle or label with personal message. 


Put candy into compartments, wrap ribbon around the box and secure with tape. Then adhere the label to the front with double sided tape. That’s it!