DIY of the Week: Pineapple Vase Floral Arrangement

This week we are sharing a fun DIY project from The Spruce Crafts. Learn how to make a vase out of a fresh pineapple to brighten up your next party or give as a gift! Here’s how it’s done. For the full post from The Spruce Crafts, click here.


  1. Begin by selecting a large ripe pineapple
  2. Using a chef’s knife cut off the top of the pineapple by laying the pineapple on its side flat on a cutting board. Throw out the top of the pineapple.
  3. Using a spoon begin scooping out the middle of the pineapple to make enough room for the paper or plastic cup. As the inside of the pineapple is hard you will need to use a small paring knife to cut away the center hard areas. All the removed interior fruit of the pineapple can be disposed of or eaten once removed from the pineapple.
  4. Test placing the cup inside the pineapple. If it does not completely fit continue scooping out more of the middle of the pineapple.
    Once the cup fits entirely inside the pineapple fill the cup up with water.
  5. Fill the cup with your choice of tropical flowers. As the vase is rather short you will need to use scissors to cut the stems of the flowers rather short. While any cut flower could be placed inside the pineapple vase, tropical flowers such as Alstroemeria, Orchids, Bird of ParadiseNeedle ProteaHibiscus or Bromeliad look best.
    Remember to regularly check the vase and add fresh water frequently as there is only a small amount of water in the cup.