Rewarding Moments: Ilene

After Ilene’s father passed away, Ilenes’s mom came NJ to be closer to family. Being that Ilene is her caregiver, she is only able to have a part time job on the weekends and uses Swagbucks to help afford birthday gifts and presents for the holidays.

Ilene (Swag Name: SOgrandma) is from Alburtis, PA and joined Swagbucks in August 2013. Her favorite way to earn SB is by watching videos, getting SB from her Search wins and Shop and Earn!

After my dad passed away I moved my mom from NJ to PA so she can live closer to me. She is 87 years old and although she lives on her own I take her to all her doctor appointments, do her laundry and take her food shopping. Since I am her caregiver I only have a  part time job on the weekends. My husband takes over when I am at work. Swagbucks has helped me tremendously get gift cards for my family for holidays and birthdays.

We have issued 1000 SB to your account, Ilene. We hope that your Swagbucks earnings can continue to help you afford gifts while you take care of your mother!

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