Tuesday’s Tips: How To Create A Help Desk Ticket

Whether you’re a veteran Swaggernaut or new to the Swagbucks family there may come a day where you need to submit a ticket to our Customer Support Team. In today’s Tuesday’s Tips we’re showing you just how it’s done!

In today’s example, we’ll show you how to submit a ticket to our Help Center if you’re missing credits for a completed Discover Offer.

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the Swagbucks Homepage and click on Customer Support.

2. Once you are in our Help Center, you will see different topics that may relate to your inquiry. Click on one of them to find more information. If you still need to submit a ticket, click on Submit A Request.

3. From here you will choose a topic related to your inquiry. If you are missing SB for shopping, you would choose Shop. If you have a question about a Team Challenge or Swago, you would choose “Promotions”. Today, we’ll choose Discover because we are missing SB for a completed offer.

Pro Tip: Always read the Discover offer disclaimers, many times a Discover offer will have a credit delay. For example, an offer may not credit for 7 Business Days. We asked that you wait until that time period is up before you submit your ticket. You will not receive credit before a stated credit delay.

4. Fill out the form. Please be as detailed as possible in the details box. We know that members may use different email addresses but using the same email for both your Swagbucks account and Discover offers is highly suggested. To speed up the filing process, have all documents related to the Offer handy because we may need an order/ confirmation number if it applies. Always include a screenshot of any confirmation emails. You can include as many attachments as you’d like. Once you have completed the form, click Submit.

5. The next two steps are very important. Once submitted, you will see a pop up confirming the ticket submission and a few suggested Help Desk articles related to your inquiry. If those do not help and you still seek a resolution to your ticket, please click on No, I need help. If you click on Yes, close my request, your ticket will be closed automatically and you will not receive a reply.

6.  Check your email. You will always receive a confirmation email that will include your ticket #. Please do not delete this email and read it carefully. Almost all auto responses require a response. If you do not respond, your ticket will not receive a response or resolution. The current wait time for a full resolution to an inquiry is 10 business days.

Now, if you weren’t aware already, we have a Facebook moderator on our Facebook wall who is very active Monday-Friday, 9AM PT-5PM PT. They can answer any and all of your very general questions regarding the site. If you aren’t sure when a promotion starts, want some more information or details about a Discover offer or just want to interact with your fellow Swaggernauts, don’t forget to follow us! Our Facebook page is a great tool for any seasoned or new member who may need help navigating the site.

The Facebook moderator can answer general questions via the Facebook wall under Visitor’s Posts. It helps to scroll through those posts because your question may have already been asked! If you want to ask a question in a more private setting or check the status of a Help Desk ticket you have already filed, please send a Private Message and include your most recent Help Desk ticket number. This number can be found in the auto response sent to you once you submit your ticket. It will look something like this:

Helpful Hint: Always make sure you respond to auto responses. Often times, the reason you have not received a response or resolution to your issue is because you did not respond to the auto response.

Click on Send Message to send a private message to our Facebook moderator.

If you do not use Facebook or prefer to use our Help Center, here is how you can file a ticket.

That’s it! We hope this is helpful and you can file your tickets with ease. If you’d like to see any examples on how to file a specific type of ticket in our Help Center, please let us know in the comments!