Rewarding Moments: Sarah

Sarah (Swag Name: sariefaerie1121 ) is from Meridian, ID and has been a Swagbucks member since May 2023.

Here is what she has to say about her Swagbucks Rewarding Moment

I first discovered Swagbucks when my Dad lost his job recently. I needed to earn some extra money for gas and other miscellaneous bills that we just couldn’t quite afford. I can’t actually work because I am disabled from a rare skin disease called Hidradenitis Suppurativa. I just had my 28th surgery to try and help take care of it. My mom is also disabled and unable to work. So, money is super tight right now. I turned to the internet to look for easy and quick ways to earn money. That’s when I found Swagbucks. And it helps so much. I’ve already made a decent amount of money. And my parents we’re so happy. It hard to afford much right now. So, Swagbucks has helped a lot. My favorite way to earn Swagbucks is the daily trivia live. I have always been told I’m a well of useless knowledge and that little 10 question game tests me daily. I finally got a perfect 10/10. I also love learning new facts that I may not have known. I really appreciate this app. It has helped so much recently. I think this is hands down the best survey app. I also love that if somehow your survey has a technical difficulty, if you send them an email and a screen shot, they give you some credit. That is so generous and beyond fair of these guys!! I think I’ll be taking surveys for a long time to come. I get a little extra cash and companies get honest feedback to help them. Thank you Swagbucks!!