How does Watch work?

Our mission here at Swagbucks is to create rewarding moments. That is only possible when we bring our members and advertisers together. That is exactly how we power Swagbucks Watch: Canadian advertisers pay to show ads during your video viewing time just like TV.

The formula is simple: we find content that we think you will be interested in. You watch the videos you like. And we look for Canadian advertisers who want to show their ads to you.

When advertisers show ads they pay us and we can then award you. Unfortunately there are times where we can’t find advertisers. When that happens we can’t award you SB.

In order to make sure this ecosystem is balanced we have to continually monitor and update rewards. Members that see ads may continue watching and earning. Members that have no matching ads while watching videos will then be done with earnings for the day (although you may continue to watch videos that interest you without earning SB).

We are always looking for more advertisers to ensure our members can watch as many videos as they want and still earn SB.

Thank you for being a loyal member and feel free to share your feedback below.