Instant Surveys are Here!

Instant Surveys Are Here!

After a successful few years in the UK we have finally got the great news that Instant Surveys are in Canada. Have you tried them yet? This is a survey experience you don’t want to miss!1

That sounds great! But what are Instant Surveys?

Instant Surveys are short and quick surveys that appear on the Swagbucks homepage in the Answer section. You can generally earn between 4 SB to over 100 SB. Simply put, it is the best survey experience out there. They are short and sweet – and guess what? Everyone qualifies!

So what’s the catch and where do I find them?

There is no catch really other than the fact that the only way for you to find these is by visiting our home page. They will pop up as a card on your home page called, you guessed it, Instant Surveys. They live under the Answer Surveys & Earn row.


  • Instant Surveys only appear on the homepage, under the Answer Surveys & Earn row.
  • Instant Surveys are simple and generally only include a few questions.
  • Instant Surveys are limited and often fill up quickly, so keep an eye out!
  • Instant Surveys mark off the Survey boxes in your daily To Do list.
  • Bookmark and our Canadian Facebook page

These stealthy surveys are fleeting and quick to disappear so if you see one, make sure to fire your click because they won’t be there too long. If you catch one and get your SB, please visit our Facebook page to tell your story of bravery. Since it’s hard to spot these in the wild, posting on Facebook helps other community members get a chance to see them as well. And just like Pokemon, we want you to catch them all!

Let the hunt begin!

So, if you are into making money from surveys and you agree that the shorter, the sweeter, Instant Surveys are just right for you. Bookmark and our Canadian Facebook page so you can hunt them throughout the day.


-Team Swagbucks Canada