Victoria Day Recipes with HelloFresh

Victoria Day long-weekend is finally here, so let’s get ready to celebrate! If you’re looking to impress your family and friends, why not prepare a royally delicious Victoria Day meal with HelloFresh Canada (plus get 800 SB)! Spoil and surprise your loved ones to a home-made breakfast in bed or brunch! Or you could all join forces and cook a fun meal together! It’ll be a blast. Whether you’re ready for BBQ season or looking for a more sophisticated feast or tea party, get inspired by our recommended recipe ideas below.

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Victoria Day Recipes

Check out Hello Fresh‘s 5 easy breakfast recipes to get you inspired for breakfast in bed or brunch treats. Or if the sun’s out where you are and you’re ready to enjoy barbecue season, then definitely check out this great list of 24 Victoria Day Barbecue Recipes that are perfect to enjoy outside on the patio. If you’re in the mood for something more sophisticated, try these exquisite Victoria Day Recipes fit for a queen! Don’t forget to pair this with a nice cup of tea, or celebrate with a traditional afternoon tea or tea party! 

Get a subscription to HelloFresh‘s wide range of fresh healthy ingredients and seasonal recipes (plus earn 800 SB), so that you can keep enjoying different easy and fun family meals.

That all sounds pretty great… but what IS HelloFresh?

Let us fill you in… and then let their meals fill you up! Life can get pretty hectic, so searching for new recipes, shopping for ingredients and then cooking can all get tiring after a long day! HelloFresh can get rid of that stress and add some excitement and variety to your meals! Fresh ingredients? Check. Quick simple recipes? Check. Delicious and varied meals to enjoy with the family? Check!

It may have all the right buzz words, but if you are still not convinced we figured it would be helpful to share some insights with you and hopefully guide you into giving it a taste (and don’t forget… you can also get cash back for signing up!) HelloFresh is a subscription recipe kit delivery service that sends you photo step-by-step recipe cards along with exact quantities of fresh ingredients needed to cook the meals. It basically let’s you focus on the best part… cooking and eating!

So now for the juicy details:

How much does it cost? They offer 3 plans (family, pronto and veggie) and different levels (2 or 4 people) which rounds up to $73.99+ each, and about $139.99 per week, including delivery to your door. HelloFresh first sign up through us also gets you 800 SB.

What do I get in a box? You choose 3 recipes a week and get delivered an insulated cooler box of fresh tasty ingredients, along with illustrated recipes and nutritional facts. Meals are generally arranged in a meals x people formula. Plus, HelloFresh strives to be eco-friendly so most of the waste is recycled or composted.

What if I want to skip a week? No worries! They let you skip delivery for any reason, there’s no minimum subscription length – just do it before the weekly cutoff!

And what do I do if I don’t like a meal? For the picky eaters out there fear not, they also have you covered! You can set general meal preferences and if there’s something you don’t like, you can make changes to your meal box (before the weekly cutoff, don’t forget!) Or if you’re feeling adventurous, give a new meal a try and it might surprise you!

So if you live a busy lifestyle, have a family to cater for, or just want to enjoy more fresh homemade meals, then why not try HelloFresh! You can even have a look at the recipes online first to see what you think. Hopefully it will make weekday dinners less stressful and more fun!

Now go and celebrate with your family and friends! And in advance, we’d like to wish you

Happy Victoria Day! Joyeuese fête des Patriotes!


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