DIY of the WeeK: Candy Necklace Valentines

If you are looking for a creative way to brighten someone’s Valentine’s Day this Friday, this DIY from HGTV is cute and delicious! Using Twizzlers and gummy ring candies, you’ll create a necklace that your friends won’t be able to resist! This would also be a hit with kids!


  • scissors
  • strawberry licorice laces
  • gummy ring candy (any flavor)
  • cellophane treat bags
  • washi tape
  • You can create your own cards or you can download the template from HGTV in the link above.


  1. String gummy rings on a licorice lace. Each necklace should have 7 to 8 gummy rings.
  2. Download and print cards or make your own. Cut a half-inch slit on each side of a card. Thread the finished necklace through the slits, leaving the excess licorice on the back of the card. Tie excess licorice into a loose bow.
  3. Carefully put the finished cards (one at a time) into a cellophane treat bag. Fold over the top and seal with a piece of washi tape. Add a sticker for extra embellishment.