Understanding The Customer Service “Auto Response”

You submitted a ticket to the Help Center, now what? Well, as soon as your ticket makes its way into the ticketing system, you will receive an auto response that will include your ticket number. There is a process after that email and we thought it might be helpful to explain what to expect next:

The auto response process we utilize, is in the endeavor to resolve your concerns as quickly and efficiently as possible. Please note, these are sent automatically by our system, and not by a live agent. However, we do realize that sometimes you may need further assistance, which we understand completely!

In these cases, please respond back directly to our auto response and an agent will be informed to investigate further. As a reminder, we ask that you not open a new ticket on this same issue, as you may receive the same auto response again.

Please note that the auto response you receive is based on the topic you choose when submitting your ticket. For example, if you choose “Surveys” as your topic but your email is actually about a Shop & Earn inquiry, you will receive an auto response regarding surveys. To prevent this situation, please choose the topic most relevant to your issue. If you receive an auto response that does not solve your issue, please respond back to it directly and an agent will be happy to investigate further 🙂

With all Shop & Earn tickets, you will be sent a response explaining that purchases can take up to 32 days to credit excluding travel, which can take up to 90 days after travel has been completed. As noted in the response, please respond back directly to the message if your purchase is indeed passed the 32 days. If this isn’t done, our Help Center will not be informed of your concerns! This will also be relevant for Shop & Earn travel purchases.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

-Team Swagbucks