Swaganigans: Wax Poetic for a 2500 SB Grand Prize

Collective nouns can often wax poetic. A group of flamingos is called a “flamboyance”, a group of crows is called a “murder”, a group of ravens is called an “unkindness.” The challenge this week is to come up with your own collective nouns from our carefully curated list below. We don’t care which one, as long as it would make Poe proud.

What would you call a bunch of cell phones?

What would you call a group of people eating hamburgers?

What would you call a bunch of hats?

What would you call a group of wrestling fans?

What would you call a bunch of SB?

What would you call a bunch of Gift Cards?

What would you call a group of people arm-wrestling?

What would you call a bunch of Pokemon?

What would you call a bunch of political buttons

What would call a bunch of Post-It notes

What would you call a bunch of teabags

Enter your collective noun and what it’s for in the comments below and use your intellectural horsepower and intellectual horsepower


What would you call a group of teabags? Steepers


Grand Prize gets 2500 SB. Second Place gets 1500 SB. Other runners up get 1000 SB. Honourable mentions, if any, will receive 10 SB.  


Winners will be selected on the basis of  humour, wit, wisdom, cleverness and originality. Write your entries in the comments below. 11 entries max. Please include your Swag Name, city & province at the end of each entry. Entries must be posted on or before Sunday, December 11th at 11:59pm PT. Judges reserve the right to alter entries for taste, humour or appropriateness. No purchase necessary. Employees of Prodege LLC and members of their immediate families are not eligible for prizes. All gift card prizes are paid out in SB points. To get SB points you must be a member of Swagbucks. If you are not yet a member of Swagbucks that’s okay, no one is perfect. But you can redeem yourself by joining here.

For information on Swaganigans rules and ultimate purpose click here.

Now it’s time to hand things over to the esteemed Prof Jockey to round up last week’s raps.


Here are the winning lyrical stylings of your favourite Swaggernauts:

Second Place Winner of 1500 SB

My name is zedthewiard and I am here to say completing surveys is the best way;

Don’t fret and worry about any New Year’s Blues earning is easy if you hear what I say;

Strut and Swagger, Focus like a Dagger, Get out front and be your own Mick Jagger;

Because the New Year is coming and you don’t want the Blues so, listen here to my news;

Gift Cards Here, Gift Cards There; Gift Cards for Everywhere for you and your honey;

So, heed my news and ring in the New Year not in the black but bright and Sunny!

R Ronny Big Style a.k.a. Jiggy Wack

(zedthewizard, Rutland, VT)

Grand Prize Winner of 2500 SB

My name is Bonnieball and I’m here to say,

I wake up to Swagbucks everyday.

First thing, I hit the Discovery TV

let play while I’m sippin on coffee

Next thing I do is 6 of my list

cuz I like to rack up bonuses nice and quick.

After that, I pop out the video application

Makes me so rich I can eat a crustacean.

Next thing I do is a list of N Crave

Thats the kind of thing to help me Save Save Save

Only 10 left to my daily goal

I know exactly what to do and I’ll play that role

Swagasaurus Bux like to jump and run

So I will play some free games to get the job done.

Bonnie B Hoody a.k.a. XL Diamond

Representing Sweetser, Indiana

(bonnieball, Sweetser, IN)

Runners Up (1000 SB each)

My name is MC J Booty and I’m in the house,

Winning Swagbucks daily with the click of a mouse,

Knockin’ off that to do list at the crack of dawn,

Watchin’ hot videos creatin’ no yawn,

Survey questions hitting me left and right,

Hard to put my head down to sleep at night,

Free gift cards are ready for the holiday,

This is one worthwhile adventure, I’ve got to say,

So enjoy Christmas this year with lots of cheer,

Use all those gift cards for someone dear.

Mic drop….

(Juliefraser51, Festus, MO)

My name is Betterbirds, aka Killah J, and I’m here to say,

Been earning SB, since back in the day,

C’mon, use my SB link, earn fast as you blink,

Killah J says sign now, soon you’ll learn how,

Killah J says no pressure, play games to reap treasure,

Like my new ink? It’s “I heart SB” all in black and pink,

SB and Killah J, are betta togetha,

Join our inner circle, don’t be an Urkel!

Peace out, Killah J (aka Betterbirds)

(betterbirds, Cleveland, TX)

My name is BooBBear and I’m here to say, my wallet is the predator, and swagbucks the prey.

Tracking ‘em down, just as stealthy as a fox; I might get a few cents for trying Birchbox.

But the easiest way to Swagbucks fortune and fame, is to drop that dude in the dinosaur game;

He falls of the cliff and is flat out of luck, but I caught 2 cents and don’t give a Swagasaurus Buck

Manic M Slacker Fist

(BooBBear, Carmel, IN)

Honourable Mentions (10 SB each)

My name is ooobabylove, and I’m here to say…

I swag like a swag goddess, and get my all my swagbucks ere’ day.

I like gettin first goal, but it gets kinda ol. So I gotta get both goals, cause that’s how a true swagdiva rolls

Don’t hate me on social media like facebook, instagram, and Twitter,

Yo whinin about my swag game just make me laugh when you soundin all bitter,

“she spends her life here, she is on all day, Id rather be outside at work or at play”

Yeah hater it’s true I swag more than you, only cause your swag games a joke, and that’s why your swagbank is broke.

Let it be known this swagdiva feeds off negative energy from yo no swaggin strife, it just spurs me on to work harder cause I’m a swaggernaut for life.. peace out.. Madam NI a.k.a. Miss Loaf

(ooobabylove, Maple Grove, MN)

I wake up in the morning at the break of dawn.

Open up the Iphone, turn the laptop on.

Better check the SB blog to see if any doubles,

Go to FB just to see if there are whiners having troubles.

Using Firefox for to do list, and I’m playin’ games on Chrome.

What’s my lower goal? Oh no ! Guess I’ll have to stay at home.

Can I run to the grocery in between the twitter codes?

I’ll never get the mobils with those ads that always froze.

Well I made it through the day and with Swago got my goals.

Had to buy a Mid- Square Gift Card but my family will love those.

Now it’s dark and all is quiet, just the I-phone for a light.

Merry Christmas, dear Swaggers and to all a Good Night.

D Face

(StillSearching, Norcross, GA)

My name is Rumble1980 and I’m here to say

Swaganigans is the place to be if you like to play.

We got the main man Swaggodore, he’s the man in this gaff

He rules with an Iron fist and is more terrifying than FNAF.

Professor Jockey and Correct Answer his esteemed horse

Monitor from a distance and keep us all on the right course.

Lady Elocin a tragic tale be told

After one too many absinthe shots got stranded out in the cold.

That leaves the rest of us, stylin’, profilin’ and spitting out the beats

Be it rapping, speeches, news stories we keep bringing the treats.

So here’s to the judges, my fellow Swaggers and a 45 to the lost Batty J

Keep on Rollin’, much love to those who love to play.

R Hitman signing out…


(Rumble1980, Southampton, UK)

My name is marcusotero and I’m here to say..

Wait.. DJ change the beat…

*bushie bushie bushie* *wiggy* wiggy* *wiggy*

Swabucks, eh! That funky money! Swagbucky money, that ching bling party,

If you want to earn some extra cash, then drink nCraves fast in the glass,

Get your left hand, and then your right,

Tilt your head back for Daily Poll delight!

Start a survey and finish if you caaaaaaaaan,

Hey look it’s Jackie Chan! (whoppish!)

Whatever you do, bring Swagbucks with ya,

Mobile ap codes adds three more SB,

Most definitely!


(marcusotero, Barstow, CA)

My name is Kendrlynne and I’m here to say, Swagbucks gonna save my Christmas Day.

Watching vids for a penny, taking surveys for a dime, gives me jingle in my pockets for the present time.

Like Santa, I gonna sleigh it, these ‘bucks help me fly, climbing on his lap(top) for rewards so nice.

With all my bros and my ho ho hos, these referrals give bonus ‘neath the mistletoe.

If I’m rockin’ ’round the nCraves, don’t come a-knocking, I’m redeeming for a giftcard that stuffs my stocking.

Sling K Cheeks out to cash away, cash away, cash away all!

(Kendrlynne, Tooele, UT)


Follow @Swaggodore and @ProfessorJockey on Twitter and tweet at them. We’re not paying them to sit around and do nothing. In fact, we don’t pay them at all!  Now go challenge yourself!

-Professor Jockey and his horse Correct Answer

-Lady Elocin de Vieux Carre

Picture of the Swaggodore

– The Swaggodore