Swaganigans: A Motorized 2500 SB Grand Prize

Congratulations on your presidencies. Your acceptance speeches were for the most part very inspiring. I just took issue with one thing, acceptance speeches aren’t a time to make campaign promises. WE ALREADY VOTED FOR YOU! Oh well, I won’t be too hard on you all.

They tell me that there is something called a steam powered engine. Not just that but a certain Flemish missionary named Ferdinand Verbiest in China built a steam-powered vehicle in 1672. Where has the time gone?

Next Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot built a steam-powered tricycle around 1769. This was widely believed to be the first full-scale self-propelled mechanical vehicle. Amazing right?

After that a bunch of things happened leading to Nicephore and Claude Niepce creating the internal combustion engine in 1807. Stay with me here, things are moving quickly.

Then basically nothing happened to advance self-propelled vehicle technology until 1991 when Dodge produced the Dodge Viper. Quite a jump, I know but people were so focused on pedestrianism that nobody had time for driving.

You’re probably wondering why I’m relaying all this information about cars to you. Obviously it has to do with this week’s Swaganigans Challenge. Your task for the week:

  1. Choose any car make.
  2. Describe the car with words whose first letter spell out the name of the car. It’s called a backronym, you’ve done it before.
  3. Use your humourous cleverness and intellectual horsepower.

Here’s a couple examples:

Toyota – Their Owners Yell Over Technician’s Attitudes

Ford – Former Owners Really Delighed



Grand Prize gets 2500 SB. Second Place gets 1500 SB. Other runners up get 1000 SB. Honourable mentions, if any, will receive 10 SB.


Winners will be selected on the basis of humour, wit, wisdom, cleverness and originality. Write your entries in the comments below. 11 entries max. Please include your Swag Name, city & province at the end of each entry. Entries must be posted on or before Sunday, November 20th at 11:59pm PT. Judges reserve the right to alter entries for taste, humour or appropriateness. No purchase necessary. Employees of Prodege LLC and members of their immediate families are not eligible for prizes. All gift card prizes are paid out in SB points. To get SB points you must be a member of Swagbucks. If you are not yet a member of Swagbucks that’s okay, no one is perfect. But you can redeem yourself by joining here.

For information on Swaganigans rules and ultimate purpose click here.

Now it’s time to hand things over to the esteemed Prof Jockey to round up last week’s acceptance speeches.


Congratulations presidents, here are your acceptance speeches:

Second Place Winner of 1500 SB

All my life I had big ambitions, but I never imagined this. But I can’t live a lie running from my life. I am beyond humble standing here in front of you knowing that I came into the country as a…as a….I CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING BALL! I NEVER TOLD SO MANY LIES! I AM NEVER GONNA BUILD THE WALL! ALL YOU EVER DID WAS TAX ME, YEAH YOU TAXED ME (ras97, Kansas City, MO)

Grand Prize Winner of 2500 SB

President post procured. Planned promises paralleling precise perfection. Primarily past performance predicts present position. Promoting positive potential profits provides powerful prestige partners prompting productive perks. Paying participating people practical prize payouts. Passion. Playing. Persistence. Picture perfect prizewinning pay provides proven personal provisions. Priceless! President Pegboard Presiding (pegboard33, Sebring, FL)

Runners Up (1000 SB each)

My fellow Swaggernauts, I would like to thank my opponent, Mr. Cray Z. Troll, for his gracious albeit rambling concession speech. If you missed it, you can easily find his thoughts all over the Swagbucks Facebook page and throughout the Swag site and blog, anywhere he could possibly comment, no matter the original topic. Tomorrow I will meet with my Vice President, Hugh Morris Clevernis, before meeting with the outgoing president to receive classified intelligence. This Intel, “Actual Horsepower” (obviously a code name), will help all Swaggernauts to be winners and achieve great things (i.e. SB). (creeativeforce, Vienna, VA)

My seated in front of the computer Swag-mericans. Thank you for helping me reach my Daily Goal of becoming president. You rewarded me for Searching for the truth. You helped me Discover the meaning of liberty. I Watched with joy as the election day Swagbucks rolled in. Although I was behind in the Daily Poll, I managed to pull it out and complete my Daily List. As you Shop and Play this glorious day, may you be rewarded with Daily Swag. Here’s to the next four years of gift cards, and then may we reach the second goal of another term! (stevexs, San Diego, CA)

It has been a tough race, but we’ve done it. Thanks to your support I am the President of Swagbuckslandia. Swagbuckians, They said a platform supporting The Soylent Green Population Control Act (SGPCA) couldn’t be done. Well, we showed them! I am a candidate for the people by the people– I love people… with a side of French Fried Potatoes. (TommyTheGun, Cumming, GA)

Honourable Mentions (10 SB each)

When I first joined Swagbucks, I had but one goal: To make money. But now, I stand before you as the newly-elected President of Swagbucks Nation, and I will tell you my one and only goal from henceforth on: Making money. You guys got screwed over when you elected me, ’cause I’m gonna be the most self-centered president ever. (Pikamoar, Redding, IA)

I am so happy and so proud to lead this swagmunity. As i said when running, there will be swag bucks for all. From the heart boxes on St. Swagenstine Day to under the tree on Swagsmas Day. And I’ll leave you with this thought to all my fellow Swagarians. Be excellent to each other and keep your swag on. (stevenramey1978)

I come before you, to stand behind you, to tell you something I know nothing about. We will remain at the forefront of effrontery. and not in the background of backbiting. I am now the head, and I will stay ahead, by never leaving my friends behind…not that there’s anything wrong with that. But I digress; and pardon me for that, it must have been something I ate. In conclusion, although I have no horse, it behooves me to implore you to do your swaggy best to do your swagging, make your swagbucks, and don’t let the sands of time get in your lunch. (wimmr, New York, NY)

Friends and fellow Swagmericans, I magnanimously accept the position of president in this great Swagnation. I pledge to make the Swagname great again. I begin by giving Swaganigans free “reign”! You shall rule with devious trickery, mischievous activity, and occasionally, questionable conduct. Until now, many of you have existed in poverty without a swagbuck to your name. This administration will bring about a Great Swagolution and you will hereafter be given life, swag codes, liberty, and the pursuit of swagbucks. God bless Swagmerica. (Loley Moley, Grand Rapids, MI)

Swag SCORE and several searches ago I learned a valuable lesson! I as your Swaggering leader hope to Inswagernate you into this illustrious Swagging nation. Here is this Swag nation we have a code that is paramount above all others. Time and again it is placed within the hallowed box for economic advances. All who want this freedom main join the prestigious legions of Swaggernauts. We have two types of diversion within the politics of Swagging you may choose through your own conscience if you will be affiliated with the Gamernauts, Pollingnauts, or just the surfernauts. What ever your swaggering choice is there is a place here for you. Come one, Come all…… and always, SWAG ON! (DDM1973, Marsing, ID)


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-Professor Jockey and his horse Correct Answer

-Lady Elocin de Vieux Carre

Picture of the Swaggodore

– The Swaggodore