Your Rewarding Moment

Hi Swaggernauts,

At Swagbucks HQ we hear stories every day from members who use their SB to create rewarding moments. You know what we’re talking about. Some Swaggernauts save their SB for holiday gifts, pay for Disneyland trips, pay monthly bills and groceries, or even something as small as a cup of coffee every morning. That’s what makes this community so amazing.

We want to know your most rewarding moment. Send us either a video or written testimonial. We want it short and simple. Your videos can be as short as 10 seconds and your written testimonials can be as short as one sentence. The only catch is that your rewarding moments has to start with:

My most rewarding moment with Swagbucks is when…

Send either your short video or written testimonial to To make it worth your while we’ll even offer you 10 SB.

We can’t wait to hear about all your rewarding moments!

-Team Swagbucks