The Great Pumpkin Debate

The Great Pumpkin Debate arrives every fall season along with the hoards of gourds that invade our grocery store shelves, coffee shops, and homes. Love it or hate it, the pumpkin product trend is here to stay for one reason – People simply love pumpkin!

In a recent survey, we revealed how consumers really feel about the increasingly polarizing pumpkin craze. Thousands of respondents participated in the Swagbucks survey which revealed that 53% of consumers like or love pumpkin products. Only 22% of consumers dislike the pumpkin items that arrive every season.

So what are the pumpkin fanatics purchasing this fall? Bad news for the pumpkin-packed lattes. Consumers revealed that they favour pumpkin flavoured desserts such as cakes, pie, and cookies (34.4%), followed by pumpkin scented candles (25%), and coming in last are pumpkin flavored coffee or lattes (22%).

The popularity of pumpkin can’t be denied. But what other fall flavours and scents are consumers most obsessed with? Learn more by checking out our infographic breaking down the Great Pumpkin Season trends.