Little Extra Stories: Julie

Julie (Swag Name Juliefraser51) is from Festus, MO and has been a Swagbucks member for a week but she’s already accumulated over 5,400 SB! Julie is a recent retiree and found Swagbucks as a way to keep her busy. She started with surveys then ventured to the Swagbucks Video Apps. She also uses Swagbucks search as her main internet search engine!

Julie is a disabled adult and as a result she completes a lot of her shopping online. So of course Swagbucks is the perfect way for Julie to manage her retirement budget in addition to the other merchant rewards programs she already uses. Tell us how you do it Julie.

“It’s easy to stack my Walgreens rewards with my SB while using a credit card with rewards, for example.”

That’s definitely one great way to save! Stacking rewards and gift cards! So what’s your current Swagbucks goal, Julie?

“My current goal is to use my SB rewards to fund my Christmas shopping this year.”

Sounds awesome! You wouldn’t believe how many people save up their SB all year for just this reason! What a worthy goal!

I don’t want all of you to think Julie just emailed us to tell us to tell us her story, she also wanted us to share how she earns. Julie, take it from here:

  • Use technology to your advantage through the available apps.
  • Search to see which merchants that you use for online shopping are affiliated with SB.
  • Watch the available videos each day for points.
  • Take the Daily Poll.
  • Use the internet search function.
  • Complete the To Do List items daily.
  • Utilize the Swagbucks Facebook Page to garner Swag Codes that accumulate SB.
  • Read available blogs about how others are reaping the benefits of Swagbucks.
  • Have fun with it!

Thanks for the great advice Julie. I know this information is going to be useful to a lot of people and to think you were able to come up with this after only one week of using Swagbucks. We are definitely impressed! Here is your 1,000 SB for sharing your story with us. We can’t wait to hear about how you were able to do all your Christmas shopping for free!

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-Team Swagbucks