Coming Soon: The New Swagbucks To-Do List

Beginning Monday, August 8th your To-Do List is a getting a facelift. We are adding new activities to bring the total to 6  – Daily Poll, Daily Search, Daily Watch, Daily Discover, Daily Answer, and Daily Deal. The change also includes the removal of NOSO.

For those who may not be familiar with the Swagbucks To-Do List, it’s a short activity list of ways to earn easy SB every day. With the new To-Do list, members will receive a daily bonus when they complete 5 out of the 6 activities! The SB Bonus will vary from day to day, credits instantly, and will range between 1 and 4 SB.* Your SB Bonus will appear on your Ledger as “Bonus SB: To-Do List Bonus”.

How do you complete each of the items on your new To-Do List?

  • Daily Poll – Take the Daily Poll and receive 1 SB.
  • Daily Search – Simply click on the Daily Search link OR earn SB from Search.
  • Daily Watch – Earn at least 1 SB from Watch.
  • Daily Discover – Earn at least 1 SB from any activity in Discover.**
  • Daily Answer – Earn at least 1 SB from Answer.***
  • Daily Deal – Simply click and earn 1 SB.

With the current To-Do List, members can only earn 4 to 5 SB. The new To-Do List awards a minimum of 6 SB for completing five of the six activities.

Earning your To-Do List Bonus only takes a few minutes each day and will provide a more rewarding SB earning experience. If you already take advantage of all the different ways to earn SB, you’ll earn your To-Do List Bonus with no extra effort at all! Give the new To-Do List a try! You might even discover a new favorite way to earn while grabbing an SB Bonus on the way!

-Team Swagbucks

*Your To-Do List Bonus will not count towards your Daily Goal Meter or Referral SB.

**The Discover activity must credit on the day you complete it.

***You can earn SB from a DQ, OQ, or survey complete.