Tips & Tricks: Redeeming Your SB

Whoever said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks obviously never heard of Swagbucks. Every day Swagbucks offers new ways to earn SB! Whether you are a seasoned Swagbucks veteran or a Swagbucks newbie these Swagbucks Tips & Tricks might just be what gets you to that next Gift Card redemption. Today’s topic, redeeming your SB for Gift Cards.

We all know why we’re here. The Swagbucks community is obviously a lot of fun but we both know it’s all about free Gift Cards. Would you believe that there are Swaggernauts out there with thousands of SB in their accounts that are going unredeemed? Hopefully these tips can help them.

  1. Take a look at the left navigation of Swagbucks and find the heading that says “Redeem Your SB”.
  2. Directly below “Redeem Your SB” there is a link that says “Rewards”. This link will take you to the Rewards Store.
  3. Don’t know what Gift Card you want? Browse through the categories on the left navigation. There are Gift Cards for everyone including, Starbucks, Old Navy, iTunes, Steam, PayPal cash, and many, many more. Gift Cards can range anywhere between $3 and $500.
  4. Once you’ve decided on which Gift Card you want click on “Snag This” and you’ll be taken to a Confirmation screen. On the confirmation screen click “Submit Order”.
  5. After hitting “Submit Order” you will need to verify. You can either verify your order by Email or with your Security Questions. Choose whichever you like. Your Gift Card will then show up in your email within 10 business days but oftentimes you will get it sooner.

Swagbucks Pro-Tip: It benefits you to redeem your SB often rather than saving up. Why you ask? Each month you are eligible to redeem your SB for a $25 Gift Card for the discounted price of 2,200 SB. That’s a savings of 300 SB!

Swagbucks Pro-Tip: Check out the “On Sale” section of the Rewards Store for great Gift Card deals. The “On Sale” section can be found along the left navigation under “Categories” in the Rewards Store.

Feeling lucky? Swagbucks also offers Swagstakes. Swagstakes are a combination of Swagbucks and Sweepstakes for unbeatably rewarding experience. Swagstakes can be found under “Redeem Your SB” on the left navigation of the homepage. Swagstakes are simple, you redeem your SB for entries in sweepstakes where you can win Gift Cards, electronics, PayPal cash, or even more SB!

Well now that you know everything there is to know about redeeming your SB go out there and treat yourself!

-Team Swagbucks