Saving Hacks: The Happiest Girls on Earth

Few things are more gratifying than hearing about all of the innovative ways you save money. It’s not always just about dollars and cents, each dollar and each cent tells a unique story about each and every one of you. Here’s a story about a Swagbucks user who really knows how to make her money work for her:

Angelica (Swag Name EveAngie) is from Anthony, TX and found Swagbucks through a Facebook ad about 3 years ago. She just moved into a fixer-upper and figured the gift cards would be a good way to offset some of the costs when buying supplies at Lowe’s, especially with her second child on the way.

Shortly after the birth of her second daughter, Angelica’s world fell apart. Her husband left her. She was devastated. She now had a three year old, a newborn, and a home to take care of on her own. Angelica is a strong woman though and pulled through. Trust me, just read on.

“Swagbucks really helped me in the beginning, it helped take my mind off things and it kept me from looking at my ex’s social media profiles.”

We’ve all be there Angelica!

“Because of Swagbucks, I was able to get a very nice sturdy wooden swing set for my girls completely for free by getting Amazon gift cards.”

You’re probably already thinking this is a smashing success story but Angelica wasn’t satisfied by her early success (even though her daughters are having so much fun on the swingset).


Those precious smiles compelled Angelica to reach even higher!

“I decided that it is possible to save for a Disneyland Dream Vacation with all the bells and whistles.”

That’s right, Angelica just dropped the bomb on all of us, a Disneyland Dream Vacation with all the bells and whistles paid with Swagbucks. What bells and whistles you ask, here’s what’s on Angelica’s Disneyland agenda:

  • Stay onsite at the Disneyland hotel
  • Character dining
  • Meet her and her daughter’s childhood heroes
  • And of course, just seeing the looks on her daughter’s faces when they reach the Disneyland gates

That’s a full agenda if I must say so myself! How does she plan on doing it all? Just take a look at the stockpile of Disney gift cards Angelica has saved up!


“My absolute favo2828rite things about Swagbucks is that it enables me to do something for my daughters that I might not possibly be able to afford on my own. I hope when they are old enough, they will remember that their mother did everything possible to make what was once a horrible situation a positive one. This is why I love Swagbucks and it is part of my daily routine. Everyday, it brings me closer to a mother’s dream of making her children the happiest children in the happiest place on Earth.”

Come on Angelica, you’re going to make us cry. Your girls are so lucky to have you as a mom!

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-Team Swagbucks