Little Extra Stories: Disney Road Trip

Danielle (Swagname mrsfields4701) from Decatur, Illinois found out about Swagbucks from a money saving blog that she follows. Her favorite ways to earn SB are through Surveys and Shop & Earn. She does a lot of shopping online anyway, so why shouldn’t she earn some SB while she’s at it!

Danielle and her husband have two sons, the youngest is seven and has autism. He is a big fan of all things Disney so they have wanted to take him on a trip there but autism and everything that goes along with it can really rack up the bills. Danielle did not let this deter her.

Danielle has used her SB to purchase Target gift cards which she then used to purchase dining gift cards to pay for food on the way to Disneyland (17 hours each way!). She even had enough funds left over to purchase some Disney gift cards to give her sons some play money!

“It’s amazing how quickly [SB] can add up when you take advantage of everything Swagbucks has to offer!’”

I think we can all agree that every kid deserves a trip to Disneyland, right? Even as an adult I get giddy at the mere thought of going to Disneyland! We thank you for sharing your story and here is an extra 1,000 SB to help make your family trip all the more enjoyable. I’m expecting a family photo complete with Mickey ears soon!

What could you do (or did you do) with a little extra?

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