SwagButton Thursdays

Introducing SwagButton Thursdays! Let’s tell you about it:


SwagButton Thursdays

If you use Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer, installing the SwagButton on your browser is as easy a clicking this link and following the easy directions (we recommend Chrome). Each Thursday, we will release a Swag Code that can only be redeemed with the SwagButton. There are loads of advantages to having the SwagButton installed including never missing SB cash back on online purchases and Watch, just add this additional perk to the list.

SwagButton Swag Code Alert! Enter ButtonFor5 in the SwagButton ONLY until 12pm PDT/3pm ET to earn 5 SB! This Swag Code can ONLY be redeemed in the SwagButton

If you haven’t already installed the SwagButton browser extension, install it here.

Please note, SwagButton Thursdays Swag Codes will take the place of the regular daily Swag Codes.

-Team Swagbucks